What we do

Cadva organises road safety sensitisation campaigns, and work shops

  • Organised regional and national road safety sensitisation campaigns and training workshops
  • Creat road safety training and information centers in rural areas in cameroon
  • Promote the integration of road safety education into the basic educational curriculum in cameroon.
  • Assist victims with judiciary and insurance procedures as to ensure compensation.
  • Offer financial assistance to guarantee an adequate medical care to abandoned victims of accident in hospitals.
  • Offer educational material and finanicial grants to children victims of accidents.
  • An emergency (first aid) road safety train workshop
  • With inhabitancies of linea settlement in major highways in Cameroon organised by cadva.


These photos shows the image of the Secretary Generalof Cadva in the hospital ward visiting wounded victims


This child was travelling with the parents but after the accident he was left unidentified. The Director of the hospital told us he was still waiting for those victims who were transferred from his hospital to see who will came to claim thechild.


Doctors in Ghana have had to halt special prenatal home visits – part of an initiative to beat high maternal mortality – because road crash casualties are taking up so much of their time and scarce resources, medical workers say.