I am a robber taper in a plantation in the littoral region of Cameroon, one day in my tapping operations,the liquid entered my left eye and I suffered with it for ten years with out any compensation from the insurance, in September 2008 I was talking with a friend and he told me about cadva and gave me their contact . when I contacted cadva the next day and submitted all my documents ,they gave me one week to came back ,and when I return they tool me my file have been processed. Surprisingly for me on the 22/dec/2008 cadva called me on phone and said I was need by the insurance company and when they took me there my cheque was paid THANKS to the insurance procedure and judicial assistance initiative of CADVA.

My mother was a commercialist, one early morning she was on her way to the market when she was knocked dead on the road by a speedy taxi at carrefou photo golden at nkolounloun quarter in New bell in 2009, the gerdam officer who did the incident report (constate) introduce cadva to me and advised me to contact them, when I submitted the file to cadva, six month after they called me and said I was needed at the insurance company,when we arrived there our compensation cheque was issed, thanks to the jurdicial and insurance procedure assistance initiative of cadva.

I have my taxi on the road in the city of douala,my driver suddenly called me one day and said he was involved in an accident.when I arrived there I saw that my taxi was severely damaged, before the accident I had the contact number of cadva registered in my phone which I obtained from a radio interview when the secretary general of cadva was been questioned at Equinox Radio. When I contacted cadva, six month after they took me to the insurance company that was in charge of the incident and the damage caused on my car was adequately compensated.

I am a motor taxi man (bike rider) I was involved in a road accident in the city of Douala in 2008 precidely at PK 8,and I sustained a fracture on my leg, when I was taken to the hospital, they requested for a financial deposite of $2000 ,an amount that my poor family could not raised. And I was in the hospital for one week without any proper medical care to an extend that my wounded leg was almost infected.
Great thanks to family member of mine that new about the services of cadva, and when cadva was contacted, within 24hrs medical care engagement bill of $1500 was forwarded to the hospital and treatment commence on my leg.after I regained my health, I was duely compensated by the insurances thanks to jurdicial and insurance procedure assistance initiative of cadva.

In 2010 in the city of douala around nouvelle route cite, My grand daughter was returning from school one afternoon and a speedy car knocked her death on the road,the police offer who did the incident report(constate) introduced the services of cadva to me and when I submitted my file to them, six months after, my family was compensated by the insurance.

I am a mechanic in a company in douala in 2012, I lost my finger in an industrial accident, thanks to the jurdicial and insurance procedure initiative of cadva,I was compensated accordinly by the insurance in January 2013.

I am a secretary in the ministry of public services and administrative reforms in yaounde Cameroon, my brother died in a fatal road accident along the Doula Yaounde high way in 2002 precisely at AHALA, and for five years we were unable to gain compensation from the insurance for the lost of our brother's death,
One evening on the CRTV famous Television program of Monday Show in 2007, where the secretary general of cadva was been questioned, I took the contact number of cadva,and when I submitted the file to them, three months laters our families was compensated for the the death of our senior brother in a road accident by the insurance company that was concern thanks to the jurdiciary and insurance procedure assistance of Cadva


Doctors in Ghana have had to halt special prenatal home visits – part of an initiative to beat high maternal mortality – because road crash casualties are taking up so much of their time and scarce resources, medical workers say.