The second UN Road safety week that was lunched under the theme MAKE WALKING SAFE ,with an aim of promoting pedestrian safety was appropriately encouraged in some five regions of Cameroon by Cameroon association for the defence of victims of accident ( CADVA) , north west region,littoral,center, south west and West region, where work shops were held with taxi's and motor bike riders syndicate ,and long short walks carried out ,to portray public awareness on the respect of pedestrian safety on the road.

Cadva, officially lunch the UN road safety week on Monday the 6/05/2013 at denier Poteau, New bell in the city of Douala in a road safety work shop held with motor Bike Riders and taxi's syndicates with an aim of promoting pedestrian safety.

Taxi drivers and motor bike riders who attended the workshop were drilled on prominent road risk issues like:-

  • Excess speed
  • Drink Driving,
  • Overloading,
  • Respect for vulnerable road users such children /adult
  • Respect of road safety orientation signs and signage's in our cities and high ways.

With emphasis on the team of this years UN global Road Safety Campaign of pedestrian safety as a priority. Moreso the participants were equally drill on emergencies and rescue for a concern on protecting pedestrians during road accidents was raaised

The work shop ended, with a long short walk to portray public awareness on the respect of pedestrian safety and the distributing of reflectors to some 50 motor bikes

ON Wednesday 08/05/2013 ,the secretary General of Cameroon associations for the defence of victims of accident(CADVA) Mr Ngochia Fidelis ,was on a 30 minutes Television interview at Equinox Television ,to creat awareness and educate the public and Road users on the priorities of pedestrian safety on the road ,as interview to be upload through you tube later .

Fom the 9 – 12 of may 2013, cadva visited high way travelling agencies, in the cities Douala, kumba, Limbe, Bamenda and Yaoundé, and held working sessions with the agency leaders on the respect of pedestrian safety, by targeting, high speeds, drink driving and other form of distractions such as the usage of portable phones while driving.

The reflector was pasted to about 75 high way transport buses, as could be seen in the images below.

It would be quiet imperative for us to attest here that ,the reflector have been widely appreciated by both, taxi drivers, motor bike riders and passengers transport buses .with a high demand for more reflectors.

Cadva through this child who lost both parents in an accident, is calling on political leaders and economic development stake holders in the world and Africa in particular to implement the recommendations of the GLOBAL REPORT FOR ROAD SAFETY

On Friday the 24 – 25 of may 2012, cadva co-organised a two days Transport Forum in Belo subdivision in the Northwest region of Cameroon, with Transport operators ,to creat more awareness about this years theme of MAKE WALKING SAFE,with Pedestrian Safety a priority, the forum that ended with a call for more educative talks with, drivers, educational establishment to better ensure the safety of children on the road to school and back, as well as more sensitisation campaigns efforts by N G Os , Government institutions and agencies, in order to comply with aims of the UN Road Safety 2011 -2020 Decade of action program.


-towns and city authorities in Cameroon in particular and the world at large, should rehabilitates road safety orientation sign boards as to creat more awareness and better orientate drivers.

-In most towns in Cameroon in particular, and third world countries in general, pedestrians path beside the roads are occupied by whole sellers and retailers,coupled with other medium size commercial activities, as such pushing pedestrians to walk through unsafe zones on the road, so state governments , city mayors and other public authorities need's to prohibits road site shops from exposing their goods as wide as hindering pedestrians passage.

- the UN and W H O ,should called on the government of third word countries to introduce road safety into their basic educational curriculum, as to creat more awareness, better protect children, and keep pedestrian alert.

- the UN and W H O ,should called on economic operators in the third world countries to be involved in road safety activities by sponsoring, financing and promoting road safety initiatives of N G O s ,for if N G O s initiatives of campaigning and advocating for adequate road safety policies and practises in the third world country could be promoted by local companies and the state governments ,much progress world have been reach.

Further more, inview of the above illuminations on the activities of cadva within the campaign period, we how ever had difficulties , due to lack of sponsorship ,we appreciate the UN and W H O for providing us with sensitisation campaign materials , but the financial part of the campaign was handle by cadva and her members without any assistance ,as expressed in this report.

All in all ,the respect for pedestrian safety in Cameroon in particular and other third world countries with high traffic problems in MAJOR Cities and roads, due to bad roads and poor design during construction, like in Douala Cameroon , still remains a very big threat to pedestrian safety and necessite a strong interventions from world leading bodies like the UN and W H O. .( this is Carrefour NDOKOTI in the city of Douala)

More still, pedestrian path in most of the major cities visited by cadva, have been occupied by road site shops to expose their articles as could be seen below.


20 days Campaign caravan movement in five regions of Cameroon, namely,center,north west,littoral south west and western region ,distributing,reflectors,road safety Decade of action Tag to transport personalities and other Documents form UN/WHO. 20 on $30 per day Cadva -
One day Work shop with taxi and motor bike syndicates on the respect of pedestrians walk lence or level crossing on the road, and rescue technique to injured victims. 50 on $50 per person His royal highness the fon of mejang -
30 minutes Television interview to creat public awareness at equinox TV Secretary
General cadva
TV house -
10 permanent staff Administrative affaires,documentation,and renumiration of office staff 10 Cadva, statutory reserves $1500


01 CAMPAIGN CARAVAN MOVEMENT TEAM $12000 02 two cars were hired to facilitate movement and displacement of team workers and volunteers at a cost of $30 per car a day making $1200 for two days campaign.

20 volunteers at $25 per volunteer a day x 20 campaign days= $10.00001 cadva supervisor on $40 a day x 20 campaign days = $800
02 ONE DAY WORK SHOP WITH TAXI AND MOTOR BIKE SYNDICATES $2500 -25 taxi drivers from the taxi syndicate on $50 per participant making $1250
- 25 motor bike riders from motor bike syndicates, on $50 per participant, making $1250
03 Television interview Free Free
04 Remuneration of office staff and administrative procedures $3500 10 staff at $250 per worker a month Administrative documents , procedures and fuel of cars for 20 days campaign period on $1000
0 Total expenditure $18000  


CADVA is currently seeking for partners and funds to continue with a SAFE ROAD FOR ALL, Holiday campaign with an aim of promoting the MAKE WALKING SAFE initiative of the UN. As well as protect school children from poor families who shall go hawking on the streets of major cities in Cameroon seeking for money to assist their parents during September school re-opening periods.

For cadva by Ngochia Fidelis
Secretary General