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The year 2007 has been so bloody on our high ways, towns and Cities inCameroon. The causes of this accident remain the same factors that we have been denouncing in our previous reports, and they varies as follows : Unprofessional attitudes of drivers, absences of permanent Road safety check points on our high ways, insufficiency of Road Safety sign boards on our high ways to orientate drivers, unskilled drivers and Poor state of Roads.

Infact we wish to reiterate here that sorne of the above factors are prime motive of most of the disastrous accidents on our high ways, for instance the Njoumbé accident of 27/10/07 in which 36 people died was as a result ofunprofessional attitude of the drivers and that of Penaboko on the 24/11/2007 in which Il people died was attributed to the same factors, coupled with the Matoumb accident on the 21/12/2007 in which 18 people died and that of Akonolinga on the high way leading to Sangmalima in which about 15 people died on the night of the 24/12/2007, proving how unskilled and reckless are sorne of our drivers. This unprofessional attitude can equally be attributed to other related factors such as drunkenness, fatigue and over loading. Coupled with poor working conditions of sorne drivers.

More still, through out the year 2007, quiet a good number of fire incidences havebeen recorded aIl over the National territory, especially in the city of Douala andYaoundé with enormouse material damages and lost of human lives recorded, a goodnumber of families were rendered homeless for their houses were raverged by fire.


These photos shows the image of the Secretary Generalof Cadva in the hospital ward visiting wounded victims


This child was travelling with the parents but after the accident he was left unidentified. The Director of the hospital told us he was still waiting for those victims who were transferred from his hospital to see who will came to claim thechild.


Doctors in Ghana have had to halt special prenatal home visits – part of an initiative to beat high maternal mortality – because road crash casualties are taking up so much of their time and scarce resources, medical workers say.