About Us

The year 2007 has been so bloody on our high ways, towns and Cities in Cameroon. The causes of this accident remain the same factors that we have been denouncing in our previous reports, and they varies as follows : Unprofessional attitudes of drivers, absences of permanent Road safety check points on our high ways..

What we do

Cadva organises road safety sensitisation campaigns, and work shops.

  • Organised regional and national road safety sensitisation campaigns and training workshops
  • Creat road safety training and information centers in rural areas in cameroon
  • Promote the integration of road safety education into the basic educational curriculum in cameroon.


Doctors in Ghana have had to halt special prenatal home visits ..



Welcome to CADVA

The inspiration for the création of an association aroses in 1996 when the founder of CADVA and secretary general Prince NGOCHIA FIDELIS lost his two class maids in a fatal Road accident, and was so inquisitive to know how the government was handling files of victims of road accidents.

After going through his higher educational level, in 2006 the high rate of road accidents in major high ways in Cameroon, inspired him more futher and he then came up with CAMEROON ASSOCIATION FOR THE DEFENCE OF VICTIMS OF ACCIDENT(cadva).

With an aim to advocate for the interest of road victims in Cameroon and the Sub Central African Region.In 2007-2008 numerous industrial accidents occurring around the nation pushed us to include industrial victims into our advocacy programs. In 2008 CADVA joint THE ROYAL SOCIETY FOR THE PREVENTION OF ACCIDENTS (ROSPA) an occupational safety organisation in Great Britain and latter obtained a corporate membership certificate in 2009.

Cadva corporates and collaborates with renoun international organisations in the domain of road safety and industrial safety such as UN Road Safety initiative of 2011-2020 decade of actions program, W H O , ILO , Global Alliance of N G Os for Road Safety ,Ukraine Road Safety Association, BRAKE in Britain,MADD in USA ,etc etc,

At the national level CADVA, collaborates with the Cameroon, ministry of Transport on road road Safety issues, the Ministry of Labour and Social Security on the treatment of industrial victims of accident files ,and also a members of a coalition of NGOs on Road safety in Cameroon.